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Adult Education

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Adult Education Pathways

Sirviendo el Condado de Siskiyou

Obtenga un diploma de la preparatoria
Obtenga un certificado de equivalencia de escuela
Pase su GED
Tome c lases s in crédito
Aprenda hablar Inglés
Aprenda como pueda hacer seciudadano
Explore carreras
Aprenda nuevas habilidades laborales
Obtenga certificados de t rabajo

Adult Education Pathways 

Serving Siskiyou County 

Earn a high school diploma 

Obtain a high school equivalency certificate 

Pass your GED test 

Take noncredit classes 

Learn to speak English 

Learn how to become a US citizen 

Explore careers 

Learn new job skills 

Earn job certificates 

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Where do you want to go? 

Siskiyou Count y's FREE adult education resources can get you there! 

Life gets busy and sometimes education gets put on hold. Maybe 

you want to go back to school and get your high school diploma or equivalency? Or, maybe you want new skills to find a better job or career path? Do you need to improve your English? Or, do you want to go to college? No matter where you are on your educational journey, Adult Education Pathways is here to help you with every step!